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Materials for the trailer build

    Materials estimate

    This includes all the aluminum & plywood needed. Not included in this estimate: wheels, assorted hardware & canopy assembly (see below).

    MaterialQuantityWeight estimate
    1″ square tube62 feet16.8 lbs
    3/4″ square tube74 feet15 lbs
    3/4″ trim channel20 feet3 lbs
    1/4″ trim channel51 feet8 lbs
    3/4″ angle30 feet3.4 lbs
    0.02″ brushed alu sheeting16 sq feet2 lbs
    1/4″ white oak veneer plywood24.75 sq feet14.7 lbs
    Total estimated weight62.9 lbs
    Front base section
    1″ square tube28 feet7.6 lbs
    3/4″ square tube10 feet2 lbs
    1/4″ plywood flooring2 x 3.5 feet4.2 lbs
    1/4″ trim channel8 feet1.25 lbs
    Middle base section
    1″ square tube16 feet4.3 lbs
    3/4″ square tube10 feet2 lbs
    1/4″ plywood flooring2 x 3.5 feet4.2 lbs
    1/4″ trim channel8 feet1.25 lbs
    End base section
    1″ square tube18 feet4.9 lbs
    3/4″ square tube14 feet2.8 lbs
    1/4″ plywood flooring2.5 x 3.5 feet5.2
    1/4″ trim channel8 feet1.25 lbs
    Base supports & legs
    3/4″ square tube40 feet8.1 lbs
    3/4″ trim channel20 feet3 lbs
    Front section sidewalls
    1/4″ trim channel12 feet2 lbs
    3/4″ angle30 feet4 lbs
    0.02″ alu sheeting2 x 8 feet2 lbs
    1/4″ plywood basewall panel4″ x 6 feet1.2 lbs
    1/4″ trim channel15 feet2.3 lbs

    Received today the beautiful oak veneer plywood I ordered for the floor cladding.

    With a nice reddish-brown stain, I think it’ll look real purty with the jet-black frame & brushed alu siding.

    Just raided a local building materials supplier of everything they had in stock of 3- and 4-foot lengths of square tubing: 30ft x 1″ & 32ft x 3/4″. Didn’t get any 8-foot lengths though as that wouldn’t be practical on a bike. 😀

    But that’s enough to get started on the project for realz; enough for the whole front base section, and then some, yay!

    I got the ripstop fabric and bug netting that I ordered for this build.

    Ripstop: 12yds – 76″ wide 2.2oz waterproof HEX70 XL
    Bug netting: 9yds – 54″ wide 0.9 oz Noseeum Mesh

    I ordered 12yds of ripstop as I wanted to be sure I have enough for the camper canopy, a full-width awning, and a waterproof trailer slip-cover.

    Similarly, 9yds of bug-netting is likely too much, but wanted to have enough in case I decide to make a full-cover bugnet inside. At only $3USD/yd, it’s not a huge expense to have the extra. 😉

    I will of course update this with the total amount used of each when the time comes.

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