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Tools for the trailer build

    You may be wondering what tools have come into play for this trailer build. Here’s a handy list of everything I’m using in my tiny 3rd-floor apartment workspace to git ‘er done.

    Each item includes a link to a corresponding or page (no affiliate nonsense, no worries) so you can check it out & order if needed for your kit. You can likely find everything at other online sources or your local hardware outlet too.

    Workbench (duh)
    I wanted something compact & portable that could be moved around & stowed away if needed in my apartment. This thing fits the bill.

    Mitre saw (cordless) & aluminum blade
    Cutting square tubing perfectly straight with a hacksaw or cutting wheel on a Dremel is no easy task, so I got a proper tool to ensure clean 45 & 90deg cuts.

    Cordless drill

    Titanium drill bits

    Dremel rotary cutting tool

    Propane/MAP torch

    Aluminum brazing rods

    Heat blocking putty

    Rivet gun

    Assorted files

    Sheet metal snips

    Edge folding brake


    Steel wire brushes
    I got the same set as this at my local dollar+ store for $4CAN; lol.

    Safety goggles

    Cut-resistant gloves

    Clamps, clamps & clamps
    Various clamp types come in handy, as with any project.
    2″ spring:
    2½” C:
    6″ bar:
    36″ bar:
    90° square angle:

    Vibration absorbing pads
    The hardwood floors in my apartment building are like amplifiers for the downstairs neighbors, so something is needed to attenuate vibration & noise while using power tools to cut & polish metal parts. These work fine.

    J-B Weld marine epoxy
    In case I need to bond stuff to the telescoping frame members where neither brazing nor rivets are appropriate.

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